To a woman who is strong and introverted. Know that you can become the assertive, confident woman you want to be.

I truly hope the following articles, books, etc. can be helpful. If you have questions on anything, let me know. If you want to discuss anything in further detail, I'm here :)

Happiness Planner 

  • love Mo. I saw her speak in person and I've given several of her happiness planners as gifts. I think if one actually uses them, they're very helpful! She's expanded beyond the happiness planner to other areas.

  • Confidence Planner: Great kit to work on becoming more assertive/feeling more confident. You can do these by yourself or bring them to your one-on-ones if you want someone to keep you accountable/provide feedback. If you want to be kept accountable, but you don't feel comfortable doing it with someone at work, I'd like to recommend the Data, Analytics and Science monthly Lean In meeting run by ————. You can message her ———  She holds them at her home in ———-

  • Free printable pages of the planner. I'm not sure if all of the planner pages are included here, but hey, it's great these are free at least!

Articles on Confidence/increasing Assertiveness

  • I love starting with free, so here are some articles that I think will be helpful.

  • You've basically stated that you're doing this, but I thought you should see that it's great you're doing it! Proof

  • Interesting ideas on why we (aka anyone) may have trouble being assertive and how framing thoughts can translate into more assertive behavior

  • Very good read

  • Before you read this, do the the power pose!

  • Understand the power of being an introvert (and all the advantages it gives you compared to an extravert) and how to tap into that to become more confident and assertive

  • I love networking/hanging out with people. However, I know it's really hard for people who are not naturally extraverted. If you approach it with a specific goal (aka, what's mentioned in this article), it can be a more fruitful/enjoyable experience. 

Books on Confidence/increasing Assertiveness


  • My therapist in case you're interested (he's near the office)

  • My husband's therapist in case you're interested (she's in Little Tokyo)

  • A lovely career coach I know who is strong, confident and introverted

  • The career coach I aspire to one day be able to afford